Real-time Alerts by Eigen AI

The eigen video platform understands video streams and can perform high-level reasoning to detect complex concepts.

We have state of the art results on various public benchmarks as well as high-quality training data that allows high accuracy video methods. Our patented methods use a combination of action recognition and temporal reasoning for senior health monitoring and retail loss prevention.

Eigen can run on the cloud and expand to large camera fleets or efficiently power down during quiet periods without missing an event. When a specified event occurs such as a shoplifting or a senior wandering, eigen detects and sends out an alert in under 3 seconds.


Make Your Existing or New Cameras Smart

Configure and manage your store remotely. Manage alerts about your customers, employees and assets

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Real-Time Store management

Get a newsfeed of all important store events in the phone with curated video clips


Improve Security

Detect fire, falls, theft in the store


Improve Profits

Optimize product trends, empty shelves and popular areas


Detect Seniors Falls Immediately with Your Existing Camera

Eigen can alert senior falls and provides the video clip for review for future preventative action. Eigen can also detect seniors wandering away from memory care facilities.

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Real-Time Alerts

Eigen detects and alerts falls in public rooms and halls


Fall Detail Recording

Eigen captures fall details to inform preventative action


Monitor Pose Degradation

Capture degrade in ability and provide warning to care giver

Public Safety

eigen can monitor public spaces and send alerts to your safety team

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Get real-time safety alerts

eigen can alert your security staff instantly


Detect fighting, other disturbances

Detect people fighting, lying on the ground instantly


Detect fires, break-ins and other incidents

Detect any accidents and losses to your property and reduce losses